Lynche's River Park


Leaf: Alternate, simple, entire margin or nearly so, oblong or narrowly elliptical, broadest near or above middle, thick, 2 to 6 inches long, tardily deciduous, shiny green above, yellow green below. Sweet tasting.

Flower: Small and appear in clusters, small white petals and numerous stamens, appear has hairy balls before the new leaves.

Fruit: dry drupes, 1/2 inch long, egg-shaped, orangish brown, mature in late summer.

Twig: Moderate, reddish brown, chambered pith, leaf scar with one-bundle scar, buds large, sharp pointed, scales fringed.

Bark: Grayish green or brown, initially smooth but later develops warty lenticels and shallow splits.

Form: A shrub or small tree up to 30 feet, branches curve upward.

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